(Idiom) when someone new to the field outclasses the veterans, they will scornfully remark this.
<goatseman>That n00b is killing us off!

<veterankiller> beginners' luck, it'll wear off.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 11, 2004
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When you are a beginner at something but you perform like an expert due to "beginner's luck".
When I was throwing a bowling ball at 10 pins and it went to the far left side (thinking I was gonna hit 0) I got dissapointed, but, then all of a sudden it bounced off the left side and hit 9/10 pins! That was epic beginner's luck!

True story.
by Ezhidze July 28, 2010
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1) When you invite a person to do something that you pride yourself in and they are better at it than you. You usually use this word if you are somewhat of a sore loser.

2) The person who is better at something than your friend even though your new at it can also use this word to be humble and comfort their friend. This definition can be used to show off sometimes.
1) Jeff: "Hey I'm pretty good at this!"

Paige: "Pshhhh, it's just beginner's luck, bro."


David: "Nah, you're much better. I just have beginner's luck. Its nothing!"
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by NICEUNICORN45 May 11, 2018
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