Beergasm: (beer orgasm) The shudder you get when having your first sip of beer. you may also get one with your second sip of beer, otherwise known as a multiple beergasm.
"I just had a beergasm"
by Grassy J. Hammond April 12, 2007
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When the foam, or "head", of a beer shoots at you upon opening it.
My beer just had a beergasm.
by G. Sherman August 10, 2003
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The climax a warm or agitated bottle of beer has shortly after the first sip. See Brewkakke
Whoa, It looks like Sam Adams just had a beergasm. Keep your Patriot/Brewers jizz off my mom's sofa.

by luvchowda November 19, 2008
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That feeling of pure satisfaction from the long awaited first drink of delicious ice cold beer after a long days work.
Man I just popped a top on that Hurricane, turned it up and Aaaah! Beergasm!
by bush68 August 12, 2018
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