a person who eats so much beef he/she turns into a chunk of beef
i dom't know you retards! People who are beefo are wierd
by Arowbell October 28, 2007
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Bastard North American son of the British term "to pull," meaning "to entice into romantic intercourse a highly, er, 'desirable' hunk of man meat."

"Beefo" originated as the stock name for any overly hunky member of a boyband whose name you do not know.

Double points if you use this phrase to refer to a female.
What do you mean, you don't like the food court? I'm in a mood to land me some Beefo! To the Panda Express, bitches!
by Moodeln February 19, 2005
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lacy silly beefo is an extremely hard working beef brisket loved by many for her impressive talents. She sometimes likes performing the lazy Blackbeard sequence.. which we don’t want to talk about unless you search it up. Using lacy silly beefo is a way of saying you have absolutely great music taste with a hint of anger problems hidden in between the gaps.
Girl: I would say I have amazing music taste and have slight anger issues and is a great guy.
Boy: Oh, so you’re a lacy silly beefo?
by silly beefo appreciation September 03, 2021
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beefos are often referred to as penises
bros before beefos
by beefoqueen January 17, 2021
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