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reaction to when someone says something stupid, you slap them on the back of the neck while saying "beefneck"
Person #1: "Megan Fox isn't hot"

Person #2: "Beefneck"
by willy_j_33 October 16, 2010
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when you playfully *slap* the back of someone's neck, usually after they make a dumb or obvious statement. saying "BEEF NECK!" is optional while administering the *slap*.
After Bobbi asked me where her keys were, I pointed out they were right in front of her on her desk, and then gave her a BEEF NECK!
by xpiratebillx November 19, 2010
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When someone says a gay joke, something stupid, or something that deserves to be punished for. You also say beefneck while slapping the back part of their neck. Beefneck is a way to say that something is dumb; some people confess and put forward their necks and get hit, voluntarily.
Jimmy: Basketball is one of the dumbest sports ever.

John: Beefneck!!

(Slaps back of neck)
by Beefnecker November 24, 2010
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A girl who develops a strong neck due to taking repeated (pelvic) force to the face (thus resembling a cow's neck).

Aka.: bovine bitches, cattle neck, throat like a t-bone.
My girlfriend is developing quite a nice beef neck.

Damn! Them bitches got beef necks.

I want a beef neck'd girl.

Call me Old McDonald, cause my bovine bitches got cattle necks!
by Travisty Designs February 07, 2011
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