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Part of musician and painter Don Van Vliet's stage name. From the title of a script written by Von Vliet and Frank Zappa in the mid-sixties: "Captain Beefheart versus The Grunt People". Where they got it before that can be found by careful research, but the point is it was a good-sounding name. Van Vliet said on the David Letterman show, when questioned about the name, that he had "a beef in my heart against this society".
Captain Beefheart's "Trout Mask Replica" is a legendary record, but you can try "Clear Spot" or "Safe as Milk" first if you want.
by lcdn October 30, 2007
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A red pulsating bellend. Achieved by squeezing the penis until the bellend becomes swollen, and resembles a beating heart. The name was invented by Don Vliet, also known as "Captain Beefheart", a 60's performance artist. He would often flash the glans of his penis and declare, "Ahh, what a beauty. It looks just like a big, fine beef heart."
Don't come near me with that hideous, smeggy beefheart.
by King_goonie March 02, 2007
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Two definitions already exist of thisone untrue the other just doesn't like the artist. Part of Captain Beefheart's name, but it comes form a film script written by he and Frank Zappa; the other definitions are prurient falsehoods if you research it properly.
That stage name of Beefheart's got a complicated history, but if you look into it properly it just seems like a cool name.
by lcdn November 05, 2007
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Some dude with a beard that wrote music and got depressed and stopped using his name and played with Frank Zappa and sang Dachau Blues.
by Cocklofter June 02, 2006
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