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A dance move invented by some phish kids. It basically consists of turning your wrists inward, locking both arms straight, raising your shoulders and bobbing your head like a douche bag.
some think the origins of this dance move were created from watching other people high as shit having a blast.
Best executed in groups.
Second set ghost was sick but did you see me beef dogging...
It was tight.
AB⚡️DC for life!
by Duder May 31, 2018
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noun - An individual who either by physical traits, or actions is a hulk, behemoth, hoss, or general beast of a human being.

verb - The act or process of doing something amazing, or impressive.
"After all that drinking, and still not throwing up, what a beefdog"

"Yeah after i wrecked my bike i just got off and picked it right up, friekin beefdogged 450 pounds like it was nothing!"
by Josh "Fuzzy" Vergiels October 26, 2005
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