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A youtube legend. He is famed for having thousands of videos of absolutely nothing. It is not unusual for him to post 20 videos in a day of him rambling to his webcam, singing to his webcam, or worse, burping on his webcam.

He stays in all day and makes youtube videos, sometimes separated by only minutes. In the background of his videos, one can often hear the sound of a police scanner. Beebee890's other hobby is apparently listening in on police radios and drinking lots and lots and lots of soda.

He sometimes makes youtube videos with his shirt off to shock his audience into a coma.
In a single day Beebee890 decided to vote for Barack Obama, then decided to vote for John McCain, then asked his audience for advice, then chose John McCain again without listening to his audience.

That guy is fat like Beebee890.
by bluez_inc October 17, 2008
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