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a girl that she does get shitfaced when you get here drunk. when shes stoned you can barley tell a difference from her real personality cept she gets way sexier. most guys try to fuck her. but if you know her... shell wrap you round her pretty little fingers and leave you hanging their. she lets you look all you wont and even shakes her ass a lil just to catch your eye. but let me tell you! that girl is small but she can pack a punch! only look and NEVER touch or shell kick your ass!!! im a ufc fighter and she took me like cake and i was even punchen her in her pretty boobs!!! she likes to make songs, she sings them to me all the time because im like her best friend and i guess she already noes im in love with her so she dont care about looking weird in front on me. i think she sings like an angel even though she says she sings awful. she always makes songs about some calob guy which needs his ass kicked for making her cry. i wuld die to have her but no she wont have me. she wants so guy i have no clue is! btu she can be really sweet when she ants an somehow she dont eve cry if she gets really bad hurt..i no. if she broke her leg in half shed just laugh. but the only way she does cry is when shes in love and trust me it has to be deep. she can impersonate anybody! and she is so stupid when it comes to getting jokes and common sense that you would be laughing you ass off almost pissing everywhere wathcing her try to figure somthing out!!
me: hey becca!
becca: hey!
me: you ys smile!!!
becca:i know! hahaha
me:and laugh!
me:your such a becca bray!!
becca: whats that???
by charlie the friend January 22, 2010
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a badass chick that does anything and everything to piss her dad off! everybody calls her buck wild but i call her becca! at school shell kick back and relax telling teachers to kiss her ass! at home she goes off and smokes and just has fun! you can give her 20 bottles a beer and shell drank every damn one of them flipping you off the hole time! and when she gets stoned her ass is wild! that girl can grind baby! she gets sexy as hell when you put some weed in her hand! she has a badass attitude and if you fuck with her then shes gona fuck you up! she dont let nobody get in her way! she likes to kick ass and man im telling you she can do it! ive seen her fight and shes all over the place! shes mighty fine and can dance her ass off! and if you give her a song then shell sing it like an angel! she is really good with her toungue and real sexy with those hands! if you get a bj from her then you better be ready to have an orgasam! thats becca for you! my bestie!
hey babe!
hey joesph...what you want?
i want you aint figured that out yet?
uh well it aint happening buddy. not even in your dreams.
but why?! god damn becca bray you drive me crazy!
by joesph kook January 23, 2010
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