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A word that can be used to spice up any sentence.. especially when talking about exciting things (i.e. vampires, giggin', lady gaga, etc.)
Gabi: hey bebez!
Erin: HEEEY bebez! guess what? i played Mother Lover 25 times today!
Gabi: THATS FUNNY BEBEZ.... because i played it 25 times too! samesies twinsies lawlz!!!
by wheresmydiscostick November 01, 2009
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A cute way to say Baby. Or a sweet way of talking to a baby
A nickname for your baby or loved one.
A word used by a baby to describe ones self

(i.e. I bebez)
or I NO bebez)
i.e. I bebez or I NO bebez or You Bebez! Hmph.... ;)

Babez... you don't
by I Bebez November 10, 2010
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A nickname for 2 girls who have big boobs and 1 guy who has a high blood alcohol level on a daily basis.
Hi bebez
by HIMYNAMEISDEX November 18, 2008
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