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1) what all straight men aspire to be.

2) a man gifted with the ability to round up a bunch of hot chicks to bring to a party.

3) a man who has been known to wake up with 3 or more women in his bed after a hard night of partying.

4) not you.
"This party is a total sausage fest, I'm gonna call Trace, that guy is a beavwrangler!"
by 3WONINJA January 14, 2011
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A beav wrangler is a guy who has sex with a lot of girls; as many as 400. It also describes almost every boy on the planet; especially James Outen and John Chevalier. Meant to be used in a insulting way. This name came from the movie Fired Up!
dude 1- "Dude i just had sex with Kayla, Stacy, Maya, Caitlyn, Amanda, Brianna, Jasmine, Shelby, and Hayley last night!
dude 2- "Man, you're such a fuckin beav wrangler."
by cadet kelly bitch January 12, 2011
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