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A wild drunken animal with long talons and razor-sharp teeth, who thrives during the summer and hibernates all winter long. The beavercat likes attacking black tights and biting exposed limbs. Can be found in packs at the bar and in social settings in Fiji. WARNING: Do not cross paths when a beavercat is angry.
"What happened to your arm?"

"That damn beavercat got me"

"What happened to your tights?"

"My tights are now socks thanks to that beavercat"
by Skittys March 02, 2010
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A Cross between a Beaver and a Bobcat species found in Northern Vermont and high elevations of Afghanistan. First found back in 1917 during the great movement of the Hajji in Northern Afghanistan, then in 1987 a local hunter in Franklin County Vermont shot and killed one while being chased. The weight average is about 89lbs and have a Venuom sack attached to its waist for attacking ISAF prey. No other information was givin.
A Beaver Cat from the cat family but dangrous and stand on two legs.
by Merc man May 25, 2010
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