A term for Beauty-Youtubers

Used in a Jenna Marbles Youtube Video where she joked how that should have been the name for the beauty-youtubers
Person 1: How many beautubers are you subscribed to?

Person 2: What?

Person 1: Beauty-Youtubers
by i feel attacked December 2, 2017
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"Hey Karen did you hear about beautycon this year?"
"No I don't follow many beautubers"
by cbergin13 July 10, 2016
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1. A term coined by Youtuber Jenna Marbles that refers to any Youtuber whom cannot be considered a Beauty Guru but still creates content about anything beauty related (makeup, skin care, hair care, etc.)

2. An all-encompassing term for anyone that makes videos pertaining to beauty and posts them to Youtube.
James Charles and Nikki Tutorials are "beauty gurus", but Grav3yardgirl, Jenna Marbles and Simply Nailogical are "beautubers"
by DLRjr94 May 8, 2018
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