more beautiful then beautiful
damn have you seen ari, she is more beautifuler then the sunset
by bootymuncher565758 June 25, 2020
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It another name to, Helena Barbosa Ferreira, aka Filipe's wife
She is beautifull = She is Helena Barbosa Ferreira
by filipe402 September 08, 2021
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The stupid misspell of the word beautiful. Go to school morons.
Person 1: Oh wow, she's so beautifull.
Person 2: Go school, fucking moron.
by RekyHere December 27, 2019
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a word for genuinely beautiful people, people who you cherish and people who make you feel safe😕
person-ur very beautiful!
another person-ur beautifuller!!
by withurmomlololol July 31, 2021
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A word that can be used to describe someone who is just to out of this world gorgeous to be called simply beautiful
Bell really is much beautifuller than most girls 🤷🏻 ♀️
by Bl45 January 18, 2021
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