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The result of combining "extremely beautiful" and "highly capable." Calling or referring to a girlfriend as beaucapiful is a complement that can help dail down the seriousness level in a situation or conversation because usually found to be cute and or playful, especially when dropped nonchalantly, in a matter of fact sort of way.
Baby, keep your chin up. The only reason those girls at your work have been making things difficult for you is because you are so much more beaucapiful than them. And everyone knows it.
by Bluespiller June 13, 2016
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Greatly desired by men and often the cause of jelousy in women. Beaucapiful is the combination, in women, of atributes "extremely beautiful " and "highly capable"

What "brains and braun" or "the total package" is to men, "beaucapiful" is to women.
Baby, the reason those girls at work are being haters is cause they feel threatened by how beaucapiful you are
by Bluespiller July 11, 2016
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