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a type of meatloaf that's so fucking tasty that you feel a twinge in your pants with every bite.
Yo, last night my bitch made some beatloaf. It was so good that I plowed her right on the dining room table and then came back for seconds.
by brutus beastcake April 02, 2011
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A haggered looking chick that tends to be over weight and /or chubbkins in the gut section and legs. Her legs also tend to jiggle and swagger from side to side when she waddles around.
Peter: Hey bro, how was your night last night?

Henry: Dude I was so bamboozled i hooked up with some random chick, did you get a good look at her?

Peter: BRO!!!! that chick was total beatloaf!!
by Papa John!!! September 26, 2009
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