an attempt to modify the highly-overutilised term "bitch", perhaps to set it apart from other uses of the term bitch used to describe dawgs, women, ho's, men, hood-persons, life, bad days, things that is and things that ain't. This term seems a particularly appropriate response to use when a male and female hood-person are in an argument, and she has accurately named his hustlin'/lyin'/disrespectful behavior, ignoring his lame excuses about what he meant to
or didn't mean to do (see below) and he has to resort to name calling:
Shavonda: "I see'd yo' ass wit' dat ho', givin' her crack fo' some pussy! You say I'se de only ho' you gives crack to fo' pussy!"
Cla'Varice: "Baby, you's my only ho'! I didn't know dat was crack."
Shavonda: "but I saw yo' ass takin' her to da motel, and gettin' a room fo' a hour."
Cla'Varice: "I was gonna introduce her to mah man
LeVanderah, so he could fine her a new pimp."
Shavonda: "is dat why you give him Fitty Cent and he give you dat rubbah?"
Cla'Varice: "honey, I juss don't want you to get no clap
now, honey, dass why I wears a rubbah on mah thang."
ShaVonda: "I knew you wuz screwin' utha ho's!"
Cla'Varice: "Be-atch!"
by William the White June 27, 2006
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basically a cool way of sayin bitch
Guy 1: hey dude! can i borrow a quid?
Guy 2: no! wat do u take me for?
Guy 1: please! i really need it for the bus home!
Guy 2: No!
Guy 1: well in that case; F**K YOU be-atch!
by bensmyth45 August 15, 2005
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Slang term for bitch made famous by Snoop Doggie Dogg in his song "Gin and Juice".
"We don't love them hoe's we out da door...Beatch!
by Ray Ray October 01, 2003
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An elecronic song or any other genere that is a realy exiting,angry,missrespective but exelent song that you cant stop dancing, hearing screaming a litle beat exiting just like your bitch girlfriend
(a very exited dj or rockstar screm to the band) come on lets play that beatch... (Or some one very exited from the crowd)
by Logicmind June 28, 2006
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someone who is simply a beatch i.e trevor
what a beatch!!! trev is the beatch!
by aaron400h August 03, 2005
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