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schooling someone on how to be a beast
yo let me hit you with some of this beastology
by drifter412 September 09, 2010
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The detailed study of people with beastly appearances which are frankly repulsive. When assesing beasts they can be assosiated with different creatures like wild bore, wilderbeasts, arabian mammals, large sweaty dogs and ye olde grizzly.
Jimothy: good lord william have you seen that wild bore over there, take a look at that up turned nose and stubby appearence.

William: thats nothing compared to ye olde grizzly over there! i mean iv never seen such a large amount of pertruding back hair.

Proffesor G wizz: ( chuckles to himself) oh you boys really are the star pupils of beastology!
by horseraddishsenior July 18, 2011
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