Jessica just doesn't know that when I finally get to have sex with her. I'm gonna beast fuck the shit outta her.
by jigga jerry December 24, 2008
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when you have sex with a chick like you havn't fucked in a decade.
i beast fucked nancy into a wheelchair.
by sean December 10, 2004
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when a bitch is giving you head and you punch her in the face as hard as you can thus breaking her nose then you turn her over and stick a dildo in her ass and make her mone like a wilda beast and then you take it out and give her a goldon shower then fuck her in the ass. and she moans, scream, crys complains, shits her self, dies the next day
she was bad at the party so he gave her a wilda beast fuck
by Kivien Federfeline April 21, 2007
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A term that can be used to describe either a male or female sex machine. As with any beast of burden this individual has the ability to fuck or to get plowed for long durations or multiple times with multiple parties. Like an ox plowing a field this individual truely is an animal.
Ray " Wow that chic is a total fuck beast, she has fucked each and every guy at this party at one time or another during the night"
Tom "Yeah, no shit. She just fucked me for an hour then went off with your buddy Phil." "my dick is still fucking sore!"
by Nate11 October 18, 2007
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A phrase overused by Ryan, because of his lack of skillz to explain things in a understandable manner.
Sage- "What so good about Resistance?"

Ryan- Its Fucking Beast !
by h13r0 July 13, 2008
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