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Not to be confused with the British Avatar of God Himself, bear grillz are the recent phenomenon whereupon bears have taken to attaching sharp pieces of metal to their teeth.

Thought to have begun because of 'ghetto culture', bear grillz have had the unintended side effect of increasing the deadliness of bears by approximately 4 to the Chuck Norris power. Obviously, this means bears wearing grillz are to be avoided at all costs. The only known deterrents to a ghetto bear are welfare checks and an educational system that can pull them out of their crappy life situations, and hopefully lead them to a better life, perhaps in the suburbs.

An interesting side effect of bear grillz, and ghetto bears in general, is the rise of 'wizzly bears', or polar bears that try to act like grizzly or brown bears. They are usually mocked and derided by the ghetto bear community, but occasionally a wizzly bear will actually show talent in the rap or human eating area and make it big, like Eminem.
"Dude, what the hell is in that bear's mouth?"

by TheConsequence January 24, 2010
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Before oral sex trim some of your pubic hair and leave it on your crotch. Then ,while your woman is giving you head you push her down all the way to the base of your penis. she should then have a grill of hair.
"Did you hear that Dominique came running out of Coreys room with some Bear Grillz on her teeth."
by Mr.Grim501 April 01, 2010
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