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(1)A cutie bear who's snaggable, huggable and kissable
(2) A bear who will not hesitate to kick you in the face
Damn, bear bear kicked me in the face!
by mimibum November 11, 2005
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one that shows affection and a raw sense of power at the same time.
hey emily you're my bearbear
by shellsheldonshell October 20, 2007
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Super cool kid that has lots of mad talent and style. Best chaperone in the whole wide world.
Bear Bear wants to be a better barista.
by Dani_Cheri February 10, 2012
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When mr. Teddy Bear won't let you out of bed.
Tommy, where have you been?
Sorry I had a bad case of the bearbears...
by Franksferdinands January 05, 2018
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