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on kik when someone is on the app so it has a bold D but theyre not reading/responding to your message. so you know theyre on kik, and you know they see your message preview, but theyre just ignoring you.

•B- bold
D- D (sign that means delivered next to your message)

•N- no
•R- read
Brazille was totally bdnring me last night!
by ryannandthediamonds July 08, 2014
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BDNR: Abbreviation for Back Door No Rubber. I common technique for birth control. Using the back door eliminates the need for any rubber. This way you get full sensation and no impregnation.
Girl: I cant wait to get in bed. Did you bring condoms?

Guy: no...BDNR?
Girl: hmmm...Okay (they always say okay)

Guy: Back Door No Rubber Baby Boo Whata Do
by THEPHILIOUS September 08, 2016
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