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1: Specifically used describe online tech support who act as if they are onimpotent, but end up responding to your problems with ridiculously worthless solutions.

2: Incompetent customer support staff who take an obscene amount of time to respond to your email - usually because they have absolutely no idea what they are doing.
Many "too big for their own good" web sites seem to hire a lot of baytards to run their customer support department.
by WasInvincible February 17, 2006
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A glasses wearing individual who spends most of their spare time in a dark, warm cubbyhole. He/she enjoys being on their own, he/she is usually anti-social and typically enjoy anti-jokes and is an overall "anti" person.
Bethany: Have you heard about the new kid Greg?!
Kimmy: Yeah! I heard he's such a dork!
Bethany: Yeah , he's a total baytard !
by TimeKeeper11 June 04, 2012
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