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fun, exotic beautiful and pure. batool is an opposite of a david
FUN batool
by twilightsky7 November 12, 2010
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An energetic, funny and exiting girl (usually tall) that makes all the people around her happy. This girl is usually very into her TV shows and tends to get intense about the things she's passionate about, and never forget to ask her for very strong volleyball set. Batool's are usually very head strong as well as strong in their punches which should wreak havoc and fear in the hearts of friends, acquaintances or anyone within visual range of her.
It's Batool. Ok.
by Lin-Manuel Miranda April 19, 2017
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Batool is nice, kind, generous & pure. She is an amazing friend and is super fun to hang around with. She is super funny!! Batool is a fantastic baker and is very fond of desserts such as cake. It can be hard to earn her trust so if you manage to earn it you're one lucky girl! She is shy and innocent but if you get to know her she is the complete opposite. If someone calls you a cake your name is Batool!!!
Batool is my best friend!

Batool made me a cake!

Batool is funny!

Batool's cake pops are to die for!
by DefinitionGal December 03, 2017
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