2 definitions by Lin-Manuel Miranda

A very social awkward girl that is bad at spelling (probably why she has this name). Liyana's are always to mature and smart for their age and are usually very short people. They usually look very young compared to their real age but act like grandma's that appreciate the old days and curse Miley Cyrus for all the worlds problems.
Wow Liyana is 7 and she is watching the news. She must have finished reading 'The Cold War' by John Lewis Gaddis. Damn.
by Lin-Manuel Miranda April 2, 2017
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An energetic, funny and exiting girl (usually tall) that makes all the people around her happy. This girl is usually very into her TV shows and tends to get intense about the things she's passionate about, and never forget to ask her for very strong volleyball set. Batool's are usually very head strong as well as strong in their punches which should wreak havoc and fear in the hearts of friends, acquaintances or anyone within visual range of her.
It's Batool. Ok.
by Lin-Manuel Miranda April 19, 2017
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