"I'm from Batavia, da hood"
"No you're not, so how does that taste"
by golf123 January 14, 2008
A town about an hour southwest of Chicago, Illinois. The people there all try to be unique and individual, but end up fitting in during the process. Being near the windy city, it is usually windy and terribly snowy in the winter. There's not much fun stuff to do there, so people usually take trips up to Chicago or the beach (lake michigan) to have a good time when the weathers nice.
Jessy: I just love living in Batavia! I feel so unique

Tom: Baby you are, lets do something fun for once, like going to Chicago or the Beach

Jessy: You're right, it's pretty boring here. I'll go call my other unique friend Eleana!
by Jessy Miller loves Tom Deline September 14, 2011
Batavia is a small town in Western/Upstate NY. It's known as the seventh layer of hell to some and to others as a fine place to live and go to school. There are a lot of sick people and old people in Batavia. By sick, I mean, mentally depraved.
Kid 1: "Hey man, I live in Batavia."
Kid 2: "Haha, I feel sorry for you."
by alisia September 14, 2006
1. A small town in Ohio, made up of corn and soybean fields, that you might want to live in if you're a farmer or you don't care if you get trapped into a boring, mediocre life when all you do is sit and reminisce about your high school football and pot smoking days. Kids at Batavia Schools either love it or hate, and you only have a chance at loving it if you were born there and have known the entire student population since kindergarten, otherwise there's no possibility of you fitting in, mostly because all anyone cares about are their sports teams (that aren't really that good) and their tightly-wounded cliques (and there aren't many to chose from). Population: 1,617
2. A school/town that has psychologically damaged you
3. A small town obsessed with their high school sports
4. town with a high population of whiggers
That weird person you know who seems like they have no concept of the outside world might have come from Batavia.
by parttimewackadoo August 2, 2011
City in Illinois. Where the grass grows, where the ho's go. The gang called the Mahoney's run the city and control the turf. Everybodies jackin cars and shit.
Batavia is a shit hole
Look at that girls ass... in Batavia
Your mom goes to Batavia!!!1!!!11!!
by Rehab is 4 quitters March 5, 2005
A small town in southern Ohio, with a population of about 1,617. Even though the town's a bit boring, people living there love the atmosphere and scenery. If you ever try to leave, your memories will pull you back in. Batavia always makes a place in people's hearts.
Person 1: "So where are you from?"
Person 2: "Batavia! And proud of it!"
Person 1: "Yeah, that place has a cool vibe."
by fulltimewackadoo August 5, 2011
A smaller city in New york, right inbetween Buffalo and Rochester. Its a pretty nice place to live and drive around
Theres alot of coolybirds in Batavia who drive nice cars and act fast and furious, that makes me want to buy a Corvette and beat them all.
by cc14 September 9, 2003