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A marching instrument usually used along with other bass drums which are pitched from a low to a high sound. They often have different sizes.
Our bottom marching bass drum is the lowest!
by Bishop January 12, 2005
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An type of drum in the drumline of a marching band that is big, tilted 90 degrees to its side, and strapped to the marcher's chest. They are heavy instruments, the lightest being 20 pounds, and the heaviest being 45 pounds. There are usually 3,4, or 5 bass drums on a drumline, and the pitches are different on the drums with the smallest being the highest and the biggest being the lowest. Bass drum players are usually males, as they carry the big, heavy instruments and make loud sounds with their mallets. These males are badass, as they are on the drumline, they are hot, they are funny people who pull jokes, and attract a lot of attention, usually from the color guard, of how sexy hitting a bass drum is.
Color guard #1: Check out that marching bass drum player's ass.

Color guard captain: DAYUM, he sexy.

Color guard #2: Man, bass drummers are so badass
by Philly H October 08, 2013
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