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A guy who thinks he is "the shit" while he is the exact opposite; the male equivalent of a "basic bitch".
An obnoxious motherfucker that thinks he knows what's up but needs to get the shit beat out of him because he really doesn't know shit. He was a fucking basic dick. (Adam DeMamp in Workaholics)
by BasicDIck February 11, 2014
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Equivalent of a basic bitch. Enjoys complaining about girlfriend or women in general, has an overall obsession with everything masculine, and wears cargo shorts way too much.
"He left more for an Asian who does anal and loves making sandwiches. What a basic dick."
by pacmo April 13, 2015
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Equivalent of a "Basic Bitch" albeit with the male counterpart. Basic dicks abide with agglomeration amounts of protien and weight on the barbell. These inhabitants have a great infatuation with automobiles and their female counterpart. Basic dicks are very foreseeable.
"Woah look at that guy downing 600g's of protien in his loud ass car!"

"Oh ya that guys a basic dick"
by Aerik S May 05, 2016
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