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The act of destroying or laying seige to an area designated as safe or protected for the opposite team.
An effective, but sometimes scrutinized tactic in Tribes 2 is base raping the opponent by entering their base with a heavy armor and destroying all defenses, generators, and inventory stations available.
by m00k July 12, 2003
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The act of attacking or laying seige to a base without attempting to capture it. This is often done in a way that the other team cannot fight back before being killed after spawning, usually in a vehicle or sometimes with a sniper rifle from a distance. It is usually done in a deathmatch style First Person Shooter
The chopper circled over and base raped our main base, then flew off when we finally did some damage. They didn't even try to take the flag.
by Brandon Rebuga September 04, 2006
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When the enemy team mass attacks bases that cannot be captured, killing players before they can re-act. Like spawnrape but more effective because it on a larger scale.

Banned on most servers, not that anyone cares ^^.

Hope that helps :)
1) u mother fkers! stop baseraping us! ADMIN!

2) "I cant believe it i just joined a Strike at Karkand map and MEC started baseraping us! There were no admins so i quit..."

3) Haha it was so funny! we just baseraped them till we won!
by NirnRootSoldier September 05, 2007
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When someone kills the opposing players inside their homebase so quickly that they can't get out anymore.

Baserape is the deserved consequence of lousy playing.
Those noobs got baseraped after 1 minute and started crying for the admins.
by fagsy August 24, 2011
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To rape repeatedly on the enemies base normally using a very high powered rifle with a .650 calibre.
Damn joe! I just got down right base raped!
by t3h fuk1n p0nz7 March 14, 2007
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