A common description of a canine behavior, exhibited when a dog hears an unfamiliar or enticing sound. Upon hearing such a sound, many dogs will tilt their head to one side in a questioning manner.
Master: Who's a good boy?
Dog: *baroo?* (tilts head to one side)
Master: Are YOU a good boy?
Dog: *baroo?* (tilts head to the other side)
by macserv December 4, 2008
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Who me? A reply given while imitating scooby doo. Usually followed by ruh-uh.
Fred: Your incompetence has caused a cascade meltdown in the power core. The end of the Universe is imminent.
Hank: Baroo?
Fred: Idiot!
by Lrgtalons March 9, 2005
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To make the ultimate sacrifice. To sacrifice something or someone. Also a right of passage. Those who know of Baroo are the greater and stronger than others.
A baroo was made to entice world leaders.
by The Most Unclean June 3, 2017
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