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1. a drunk girl who lurks around men metaphorically scratching at their doors in hopes of a hook-up
2. female version of a party animal, down to party at any hour of the night
That girl is the biggest barncat I know, she was followed Tom into the bathroom
by naughty nads April 23, 2009
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A cougar in training. Typically a women in her mid 20s who dates a younger man thus being a "cougar in training" aka barn cat.
Lyndsay is 27 and her boyfriend is 22 she is such a such a barn cat!
by Livbooxoxo March 08, 2017
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Calling someone a barn cat is a nicer way to say she's a ho with a dirty, diseased pussy.
That old skank struts around like she's a cougar, but she's just a barn cat. You can smell it from here.
by pumapower June 15, 2011
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sluts that hang around the same partys/bars/clubs every week and wait to be chosen by male patrons; many times by random guys visiting their friends at college, more often the same guys that go to those parties every week.
tryin to get some sluts...where are all the barn cats?
by robdeeps February 09, 2009
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A person with unusual, strange or different facial features, most commonly, close-set or wide-set eyes. Celebrity examples would include Benedict Cumberbatch and Taylor Swift.
I've got a crush on Natalie Dormer. She's such a barncat!
by kerrick May 15, 2015
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A college slut who overstays her welcome the next day after a hookup. In similar fashion to when a stray cat takes up home in a barn.
Man... Eric's chick from last night still hasn't left? It's 5pm! I think we might have a barncat problem boys!
by @beentheredonethat April 14, 2016
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