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A know-it-all, mostly a lady since in the horse world, 90% of 'horsemen' are ladies who cannot mind anyone else's business, take their own horses, are rude, always have to make a comment, prevents and frustrates any owners, saying they try to help you, want to feel self-important while they cannot even control or look after their own horse. They come in all size and age, and if you find people not leaving you alone, taking your horse without permission, he/she is a barn witch.

They often boast about how many medals, how many horses, how many years of experience they have while unable to do basic things, and can't think for themselves, therefore being a disease to barn-witch prone people who's first experience is with those types.
Horses do not care about that crap, and they only care about good direction, being handled with understanding, humans learning from the horse, and not treating the horse like a prey animal.

How to piss off one:
1) Ask them to show you and demonstrate what they tell you
2) Tell them to ride your horse and show you
3) Tell them when you want their help, you will ask for it
4) Recommend they watch my videos and tell them you like me
5) Find out who they idolize and then say you heard he was no good
6) Tell them other people told you not to listen to them
7) Tell them your trainer told you to do it this way
8) Pick up some horse poop checking for worms and then offer to shake their hand
9) Ask them to explain Opposition Reflex to you
"barn witch": "My trainer said you should always wear them the pink halter with a pink leadrope, bit, shoe a horse"
*Owner Ignoring*: (In his mind: "Just fuck off bitch")
"barn witch": *Get's butt-hurt* You shouldn't own a horse *Leaves crying and to make false accusations and lies about you as revenge*

For real horsemanship, check out Rick Gore. You will relearn a lot of stuff that other 'trainers' have told you, but you will be enlightened and his information is totally free. Unlike others who charge money, he cares about horses and he is a trainer and also practices true Natural Horsemanship without a pain-causing device, understands a horse, pressure-and-release, 500+ videos on YouTube.

Check it out for every horse owner, and prepare to open your mind and think outside the box for the sake of you and your horse.
by horsemanshipwithoutcrap November 21, 2013
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