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1: is thinking you're the best at everything, but in actuality, you're horrible at everything and act as a great douche to everyone in the process.

2: blowing off friends in the hopes of shawn white inviting you to go snowboarding.

3: being unliked by over 90% of your school, teachers included.
Man: dude, i hate this on kid, he's such a bard. he even made his own religion, "bardism"

Friend: you mean he always says he can do 540s and dunk, but really can't?

Man: yeah, he's a douche.

by mustangxx251 February 17, 2009
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1.) Having wild gay anal sex preformed upon you while stick as many dicks in your mouth as you can.

2.) Jacking off while crying because of your lack of friends and family members that accept you.

3.) Lying about being the greatest at everything but really you only suck major cock and make people think you are a huge fag.
Man: Dude after that douche showed up to my party uninvited he proceeded to preform bardism all over my guest room with some random gay guy, there was shit everywhere!

Man's friend: Hey isn't that the kid who thinks he can dunk and has no friends?

Man: Yeah, the only thing he can do is be a bigger fag than anyone, and he does really well at that.

Man's friend: Bard... what a douche
by Mustangxx252 May 07, 2009
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finding the schmuck that posts shit on the internet, and making them eat their own teeth... because the're too scared to talk shit to his face.
Bardism- when little ass bitches from morris get curb stomped
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