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A female who becomes bisexual only when drinking with males present, usually at a bar or club.
chick 1: "Omg! Lisa's such a bar-bi. Two shots of tequila and she's got her tongue down some chick's throat."

chick 2: "Yeah well if that bitch wasn't so fug she wouldn't have to pull that crap to get dudes to notice her.
by MichiKit November 11, 2007
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An all around American Irish family who like to drink and party with weed. The family usually consist of five brothers with one sister who would be the youngest. They don't take shit from anyone and if in trouble they use they their fists. In Centereach where the family would live, they Barbis's run the town with their partners and other family members that come to save the day if needed. Everyone around the world is scared of the Barbis's when one brother shoots the older brother, oldest brothers stabs best friend and house gets busted for 18 pot plants in the attic.
Yo dude that guy's family is totally Barbis.
by ganstakiller98771 March 14, 2010
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Making out with your same-sex friends at a club with the sole intention of showing off and getting the attention of people you actually want to go home with.
Katy Perry has made a career out of her bar-bi stories.
by johnniesrotten February 10, 2011
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