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1. another term for baby
2. the beginning character of the Chinese term for baby (baobeh)
3. a cute way of calling a person/pet/object precious or a treasure
4. a way of calling babies (most commonly adorable ones)
1. Hey baobao, you're the love of my life.
2. My puppy baobao is so adorable!!
3. How old is your baobao? She is so cute!
by anju&vivi January 22, 2006
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another variation of a way of saying the word "baby".
"aww, look at the cute little bao-bao."


"tickle to the bao-bao."
by buttfish August 06, 2009
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Partially digested remnants of a former meal or snack displayed on a city street or sidewalk.
As strong as the temptation may be, seeing-eye dogs are trained to avoid bao bao when on the collar.

"The sight of a baby all wrapped up, being pushed along in a stroller makes me want to bao."
by mookadook May 21, 2006
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