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to accomplish a task in a quick manner

I've got to do homework tonight, but the game is on
so I'll "bang it out" in time to watch the second half
by Mike Rotchitches November 13, 2007
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to have sex, fuck, screw, or whatever you want to refer to it as.
Mark "did you fuck her yet?"
Vin "nah man, no where to do it"
Mark "here's my keys, go bang it out in the backseat"

Guy "Lemme beat it"
Girl "K lets go bang it out"
by irishJERSEYgirrlFURREALLL November 05, 2006
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1. To do the job quickly, and cheaply, cutting lots of corners along the way. The finished work appears shabby and unprofessional. Phrase is frequently used by amateurs.

2. An expression of wishful thinking, frequently uttered by inexperienced professionals who think that quality work can be done very quickly and cheaply.

3. An assumption that small-scale projects do not require the same workmanship and attention to detail as larger ones, and therefore can be done successfully without effort.
Amateur producer: You don't need any lights to shoot this scene, right?
Cameraman: Actually I really do, it looks like crap otherwise, way too dark.
Producer: But you can shoot at a high ISO and then brighten the picture in post, right?
Cameraman: Sort of...
Producer: Good. All right guys, let's bang it out!

We're going to bang it out and then take it to fucking Sundance Film Festival.

We'll bang out your little short film while we spend lots of time worrying about our other projects. Your business is valuable to us.
by sweetjohnnyk January 09, 2011
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Getting a task like email or an event done. Often used in a more social work setting. Its playful and possibly not HR appropriate if your work is strict and dying of old conservative rules.

See Mike.
"well I guess we should go bang this out"

"well YaDa Yada and Dimple Da is staying back so I guess that means I should probably go bang this out"

"hey I'm super busy right now...can we please just bang this out?"

"Mike. you can't use "bang it out in an ethics email" <-- Yada Yada
by Dj MK October 14, 2013
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To quickly accomplish numerous runs on the wakeboard at the lake
Luke: Yo bros, want to go bang it out?
Seth: cheah, let me go grab the wakeboard.
Will: Let me slip into something more comfortable
by JoustingNarwhal December 01, 2016
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