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When the owner, moderator, or administrator of a place must ban someone. Instead of saying ban they formed the bananana hammer from raging on their keyboards.

Imagine someone was griefing on a minecraft server, then the moderators would "banana hammer him". If griefing was against the rules in so said server.
Joh:SuperCoolked99, You were griefing!
Gunney: Banana him!
LowLife: No! let me banana him!
Domz: Banana him!!! LOLOL
SuperCoolked99: No please! Not the banana hammer! I won't do it again!
-Joh has banana hammer'd SuperCoolKed99-
by Johs Minecraft June 06, 2011
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When a dude carries around a hammer in his pocket to give the impression that he has a perpetual erection.
When Jason pulled out his banana hammer, all Zee could say was "Wowwwww".
by Mike Payne March 05, 2008
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(verb.) When One Jumps off an elevated area thus landing his or her genetalia on the victims head in a Hammering Motion.

-A Vertical Cock Slap.
Dude i Just Banana Hammerd Cody and he started to cry.
by Aaron PHS '13 January 05, 2010
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Someone who is very sick, and very fatigued because of it.

Comes from seeing a banana frozen in liquid nitrogen, and then used to hammer a nail into a board. "I feel like that!"
Peter felt like a banana hammer, and had to leave work early.
by NotBlankName March 31, 2010
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