Banana guts/jizz that gets all over other fruit, typically in a fruit salad.
"What the fuck, mom?! Why did you put bananas in my fruit salad?? There's banana cum everywhere!"
by kalligator November 8, 2011
If you touch mushed up bananas you can get pregnant..
BEWARE!!! My friend touch it and shes 4 months pregnant

My mom also touched it and she has aids
by Bananaladies December 5, 2018
A Banana Butter-Cum Pie is a banana-creme pie with a dollop of whipped cum on it.
The other cadets all donated their sperm so we could all have Banana Butter-Cum Pie for dessert.
by USAF Cadet January 31, 2021
The act of sexual pleasure by eating cum and shit in a sandwich and fucking a rhino and licking balls and screaming cum on my monkey dick pls harder daddy fuck me like a fat ass rhino.
bananas monkey cum in my asshole in shit in my mouth pls daddy.
by Renkari October 14, 2021