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She is a very tall and beautiful girl. She is smart and very talented. She is an amazing friend to others although some people are secretly jealous of her. She only has one true best friend, but she has plenty of other friends too. She loves animals and is very kind.
She is tall as a Banah
by Swimswam January 02, 2017
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Banah is the type of girl who stands out in most social settings. She's unique and powerful. She'll speak her mind, and will take debates or conflicting points of view very personally. Watch out when making a risky joke; she'll make sure you know that you're a racist/homophobe/transphobe/Islamophobe/sexist/misogynist/misandrist/speciest/ableist, you pig.
Boy 1: All I did was tell her to have a happy Thursday and she went on this tangent about culturally appropriating Norse terms!
Boy 2: Man, what a Banah...
by PrimeTheGoat March 17, 2019
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