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1. Private school sluts
2. Only place where girls in pearls drive big ass SUVs with Coolio blaring
3. Crabs.
4. Ravens.
5. We know the Orioles suck
6. Flipflops all year round
7. Trust fund boys run around with 40s in paper bags to look homeless
8. The girls smoke more pot and snort more coke than the boys do
9. We are better than you and thats the end of it.
You can never try to fit into Baltimore County
by You Know It March 25, 2005
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by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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private school girls are the real sluts
leggings are a second language
party on the weekends

dress like hell on mondays
girls are more brave than the boys
belair boys can’t hang
they act broke by only carrying $50 in their wallet
the only place where girls with big pearls drive suvs and bump to the best music
look at that baltimore county girl wearing pearls bumping to lil uzi
by ijustwannalivelife January 16, 2018
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A county north of the city of Bawltimer that is completely useless except for its reputation as a "hotbed" of lacrosse and the annual Hunt Cup. The kids there think they have money, but that's only because they've only been exposed to Bawltimer city and county. When they grow up they get exposure to NYC and they see they're really just either white trash who's daddy couldn't hack it on Wall Street so he took a job at LeggMason, or they're the ugly jews who were ostracized in New York City so they had to come to Bawltimer to fit in.
by Rick Salomon September 01, 2005
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