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Where the word "white trash" derives from. Kids in Ballston Spa are some of the worst dressed people in New York. They usually get all their cloths at the Salvation Army or from dumpsters. The people who live there are very loud and obnoxious, they get pissed off over the smallest things. People in Ballston Spa also think their tuff; they will try to scare you by yelling and getting in your face. In actuality they are pussies and run from fights when it comes down to it. If you ever have the unfortunate opportunity to meet anyone from Ballston go up to them and tell them that they are “white trash” and that they should move and change their identity.
-A person in Ballston Spa can be found drinking a bottle of Barton's on a street corner on a Tuesday afternoon because they are such white trash.
by Rick Ryan May 22, 2005
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