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1. A small town in upstate New York.

2. The ghetto of Saratoga Springs. Home to rednecks and prep-wannabes alike.

Most from here will tell someone unfamiliar with the area that they're from Saratoga to avoid an awkward explanation of where the hell this small, uninteresting town even is.

Main attraction, other than being next to Saratoga: a bottle museum.
I'm from Ballston Spa, and therefore am bored out of my mind 24-7.
by silken_paws July 23, 2008
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Ballston spa is a irrelevant place with a bottle mesuem. We have no famous people visit here, we have no famous people from here. Come visit us!
Person 1: You know that person from ballston spa?

Person 2: no...
by FriendlyPaperBag December 21, 2016
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unlike the definitions i read on the town where i lived in for 5 years ballston spa was oringinaly built as a luxury retreat from the city of saratoga the papper bag was invented here ....there are some scumbags who make this town have a bad rep but theres scum everywhere most homes in this area are competativly pricey with the rest of the surrounding area most people here dress in desinger clothes...its a nice place to live in close distances to clifton park and saratoga and is pretty nice and friendly come and visit sometime to see for yourselfs
you kno ballston spa invented the eco friendly paper bag
by rik kelly April 20, 2010
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Ballston Spa, contrary to other definitions, is most possibly the most eventful town in upstate New York. We've got a bottle museum. Dude, who WOULDN'T want that? We got a spring. Sure you may have a spring in your town, but ours is better. Sure we have some rednecks. Sure I may be partially one. But rednecks have more fun riding lawn mowers in figure eights than accountants.

synonyms: fun, awesome, really cool place
antonyms: boring, lazy town
related words: B-Spa, be there
Yo! I just went to Ballston Spa and had a revelation. B-Spa Be there!
by That One Person April 27, 2012
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