slang of the city of Baltimore,MD...
by pah February 17, 2005
his name was balm. but we called him balmers
by mack daddy May 22, 2003
The result of too much MDMA (usually when also heavily under the influence of alchohol) in which one doesn’t know what they are doing, where they are, who they are with, and who they are themselves. It results in them saying things which make absolutely no sense to the people around them, and met with a loss of reality
Jake: Have you heard Ben? He was asking me “where’s the brush” before almost going into a random persons house, claiming it was his Nans.

Sam: Oh no, he’s Balmered again
by EvilStudMuffin November 5, 2017
Oh I've just gone and done a Balmers.
Kevin was fingerpopping Jessica last night but she shit herself, oh man he's gone and done a Balmers.
by CupidStunts August 22, 2019