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The space needed for a mans balls so he can be comfortable while sitting.
"Dude move your ass over i need some fucking ballspace"

"Charlie fucking move i need ballspace"
by JonDam January 22, 2008
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The distance needed between two seated bros in order for them to spread their legs and allow sufficient airflow to their testicles. This comfort is highly prized among bros and a lack of it will result in much shouting and jostling until it has been achieved.
"Scoot the fuck down so I can have some ball space!"
by InklessSharpie August 28, 2013
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When two guys or more, mainly after drinking, are fighting over a topic where they both argue to make a winning point. They are fighting for ballspace because there is not enough space around all of them to prove whos got the biggest "balls" or ego to fit the room. this can go on for hours, untill one person gives up, the argument is broken up or one person passes out from drinking too much.
Ernie: "What are you talking about, if you think that a modified car can beat out a muscle car then youre crazy"

Bob: "WTV man modified cars can beat them anyday!" hour later...

Party goer: "what are they arguing about again?"

Party goer2: "Its all about ballspace man, cmon lets go get more beer."

Party goer: "F*cking ballspace"
by Spyder1212 April 06, 2009
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Room needed for a man, to allow his testicles to feel comfortable.
Hey! Can you move your seat forward. I need some ball space.
by Olaf Szewczyk April 12, 2016
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