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when you almost catch a ball and it rubs on your hand or fingers very quickly.
i allmost caught the ball but instead got ball burn.
by nobody else here March 03, 2017
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When a man's boxer briefs have been worn out by the furry of his dangling testicle's.
"Dude, my crotch itches, and my underwear's is loose, I got some serious Ball-Burn going on here."
by SuperCaptainFruitLoops September 24, 2009
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The result of excessive ballhair friction on ones neck.
Oh my God sis, I went out and got ballburn last night.
by Suzy and Aaron August 26, 2003
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When a rash is obtained by contact with someone's testicles.
"Hey sara, how'd you get that rash?"
"My boyfriend gave me ball burn while I was sucking his dick."
by mr dubble D May 31, 2015
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