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Adjective originating from the Hungarian name with meanings ranging from strong and healthy to simply awesome.
Etymologically, the word has its roots in the Latin name Valentinus (a root shared with the name Valentine), meaning strong, healthy, able.
- Man, he just did two hundred push-ups with a 50-pound weight on his back!
- Wow, what a balint!

- Hey Alicia, have you seen Jake today? He looks totally balint...

- I'm lost for words! The gig was super, fantastic, pure balint!

- Guess what, we got this guy in class, his Erdős-number is zero!
- What?! That's totally balint!
by morino_kenta February 05, 2010
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a homosexual person who jacks off to hot naked men while in the shower with his brother
oh shit that kid just pulled a balint. sick son of a bitch.
by brad trybel December 10, 2004
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(Pronounced Ball-Lint)A traditional Hungarian gypsy name for knuckle-dragging males with either a very small penis, and/or both male and female sex organs. They tend to have high estrogen levels and cry a lot.
Kenny: "Dude, did you see that thing over there with enormous hands and an extremely small dick?"

Jeff: "You mean that Balint?"
by gambler2841 May 12, 2009
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