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This is when you take an edible (marijuana infused baked good) right before a nap. When you wake up you will be stoned.
Bake and wake, it's what real dreams are made of.
by Big Country SD September 15, 2011
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having your significant other plug your nose and give you a shotgun hit while sleeping. For some reason while sleeping it goes really deep in your lungs and you are high upon startling awake.

Can also be done with bong if you dont want to touch mouths. Just fill the chamber, plug their nose, and blow it into their mouth through the choke (not as effective)
Guy: *coughing* hot damn thanks for the bake and wake, lets wake and bake now!
Girl: but first lets have sex!
Guy: this is the best morning ever..
by samuelLjackson January 24, 2006
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When you smoke cannabis right before you attend a a funeral/wake. Often seemed as disrespectful to the one who has passed, only because they failed to be in the cyph.
My dad just died. Lets get high and go to the funeral tomorrow hence the bake and wake you stupid bitch
by Tumbo aka J Blunts September 14, 2009
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