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"Bajungaba" is a phrase commonly known by a secluded group of 8th graders at one Jane Lanthrop Middle School. It has grown to have taken on two separate meanings, as explained below.

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Believed to have been first concocted by a Gonzalo in 2005, this meaning is an incantation that takes part in a ritual that, when done properly, shall enable one to be able to produce cookies at will from one's ear. The process is tedious and difficult, but from the point of time it is completed to one's death, cookies shall be infinitely available to that person.

It begins with chanting the phrase "Bajungaba" five hundred times a day for two weeks. Each set of "Bajungaba"'s must be completed before midnight of every day. Timing must careful, however, for you must say afterwards the word "chim" (a single time, stretching the vowel, ergo, "cheeeeee...eeem") until it is midnight of that day. It would certainly not do to be walking throughout your day, turning red, having a bulging neck, and screaming, "cheeeeeeeeeeeeem". This process must be repeated for two weeks. A curious premature effect of the cookie-spurting ear ritual is that chocolate chips tend to fly out the left ear (in rare cases the right) during the last half of the second week. If this happens to you while in the process of the ritual, do not fear, for it is common and will do no chocolate chip related harm to yourself (quite possibly to others, on the other hand). A final part of the process must be completed by the end of the two weeks, in which one must consume a shoe, yet again, before midnight of the respective day. A singular shoe will suffice, a pair of shoes is not necessary to eat, unless you are one who might prefer matching shoes. After the shoe is completely consumed, you will be able to produce cookies from your ear at will. You have my deepest congratulations if you have reached this point.

However, there are some penalties of failing to complete this ritual. If you start the two weeks of "Bajungaba" and "Chim" chanting and you stop before finishing the two weeks, you must repeat it again. Also, if you do not eat the shoe exactly the day after you finish the two weeks, you must square the number of days that have past and then proceed to eat that number of shoes. You must consider these possible violations before attempting this ritual.

Definition 2
Created after the cookie-spurting ear ritual, perhaps in Febuary of 2006 by a collaboration of a Mateo and Napolean, the term "Bajungaba" is associated with another sort of short dance or ritual. It consists of jumping up in the air, stiff legged, and chanting "Bajungaba". It is accented at the "jun" of the chant at the peak of the jump. It is unknown what is the true purpose of this ritual. It is much more effective to have several participants take part at the same time and saying "Bajungaba" at the exact same moment while surrounding a single person, especially when attempting to annoy that person.
bajungaba! bajungaba! bajungaba!
by Gonzalo April 27, 2006
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