Can be use in a negative form such as "no."
Kirk: You are going to bork your cpu if you touch it when your not grounded.

Jordan: Bah, what a joke.
by stealth17 May 10, 2005
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Expression used to dismiss someone's comment.
Guy on street: Man, that guy over there is a fag!
Guy over there: Yeah, except that your girl's choking on my 9" here.
Girlfriend: *mmph*
Guy on street: Bah!
by Rozard December 05, 2002
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a word to meet the apathetic feelings of 21st century man towards any given entity.

when there is no hope left for the person you are engaging in discourse.
person A: shall we go to the theatre tonight?
person B: well. okay... to see what?
person A: "we will rock you". it's a musical by quee...
person B: bah.
by captain apathy May 20, 2006
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stands for "bitch ass hoe."
used to refer to a person that is extremely disliked & skanky or in a joking manner.
-ZOMG, did you hear that jess gave derrick head?
-ZOMG, she's such a B.A.H.!
by Granzini August 02, 2006
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a point in time where you dont give a fuck so you say bah!
man idont get this stupid crap bah!
by mrs got em March 11, 2009
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When there is no other word to describe something, nothing better than "BAH" to describe it.
BAH!!!! David, were going home!!!!!
by Richard April 14, 2003
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