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1. a rebellious group of 5 asians featuring minh, the vietnamese sub, whom frequently find scrims where they humilatie opponents with their bait-nade stack ogl tatics in the game counterstrike.

2. diahreea, emo-ness, mental lapses which feature minh in a bathing suit are all symptomns e-thugs may experience after playing the bagel crew

1.Wow, bagelcrew your so random

2.Yo man ogl tatics for life, you just pulled a bagelcrew

3.Why pull a bagel-crew?

4.What kinda name is bagel-crew

Although they are also internationally known as the "nerd clan". They are mostly recognized as the most notorious shit talking clan in North America. Led by team leader, andy, "margarine bitches"; his secondary captain, chou, "the human cat"; the primary bait, garvin, "bait for life" boy; minh, "the vietnamese sub"; and JH, "captin clutch", the team is on its way to super stardom. Not to be forgotten are the benchwarmers, maple,"Mr. I always have a gay msn namez'.and kevin, "the rebel, i sleep when i want, where i want, mom!", the team is on its way to superstardom.
by BagelCrew September 03, 2006
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