Useless. As would be a bag of pants, not fulfilling their function, but just hanging around in a bag.
"Sorry we haven't got any."
"Well that's just a bag of pants, isn't it."
by Fridgemagnet June 18, 2005
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Someone disposed to wearing his low-riders at knee level thus completely revealing both underwear and outerwear.
I wonder if that bag of pants is wearing a thong?
by dreadsocks July 23, 2005
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Extremely tight black pants, that resemble fake leather, or maybe vinyl. Girls used to wear them early 2000-2002, and being slightly glossy, they looked somewhat like they were made from garbage bags. Also referred to as "gbp"
High school girls would walk around in these tight black pants, which usually made their ass look all stretched and squished like an old ladies...someone in your group would say "GBP" and you all knew some broad was wearing the garbage bag pants
by Gorlack August 5, 2010
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wearing pants made out of plastic bags for recreational purposes
let's wear carrier bag pants tonight!

commence the carrier bag panting!!!
by sheila macleod February 6, 2009
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